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velma costume

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I have touched on Velma’s costume twice on this blog in two earlier articles but I think it’s about time I wrote a dedicated tutorial. Velma is one of the main characters from the Scooby Doo series, she is known for three things.

One, being incredibly smart and finding clues to solve the gangs mysteries. Two, for wearing orange and being a little geeky for it. Wearing glasses. These three things make her the perfect choice for a nerdy girl who wears glasses, likes solving mysteries and has geeky hobbies. Along with the cartoon we also see a slightly different side to Velma’s character in the live action movies.

There is one scene that remains in my mind where Velma tries to dress up fancy to impress a guy that she thinks is out of her league because she is a geek and doesn’t see herself as good-looking unlike Daphne but she learns it is better to be herself warts and all and let people accept her for who she it.

Velma Scooby Doo Costume

Velma Childs Costume from Scooby DooVelma Childs Costume from Scooby DooScooby-Doo Deluxe Adult Velma CostumeScooby-Doo Deluxe Adult Velma Costume

Upon updating this article I’ve decided to add some premade cosplay sets for those low on time, but if you still want to put the items together individually scroll down. Here are two sets for children and adults that will transform you into the character in a few minutes.

Velma Turtleneck

Double layer Turtleneck T-shirt ORANGE Size SDouble layer Turtleneck T-shirt ORANGE Size S

This costume is brilliant because all of the items you need can be found at the thrift store as is, no need for sewing so all you’ll need to do is slip into the clothes and go. The first item you will need is an orange turtleneck, as I said about thrift stores are the most convenient place to look for these. You should be able to find some for a few dollars.

Velma Skirt

MBJ WB669 Womens Basic Versatile Strechy Flare Skater Skirt M REDMBJ WB669 Womens Basic Versatile Strechy Flare Skater Skirt M RED

Next up you’ll need a short red pleated skirt to wear along your turtleneck. The two items you need are above to purchase from Amazon. You have the double layer t shirt and a mini pleated skirt. I couldn’t find skirts that were well pleated like the one in the reference image, they are quite loose although the one above is the best there was.

Next it’s time to think about footwear. Keeping with the orange and red theme you need a pair of red heels and then with your heels orange knee high socks.

Velma Wig

Simplicity Women's Cosplay Brown Straight Short Bob Wigs with Free Wig CapSimplicity Women’s Cosplay Brown Straight Short Bob Wigs with Free Wig Cap

Finally with all of your clothing items sorted and together you can work on makeup and hair, thankfully with Velma being a typical geek appearances aren’t her top priority so no makeup is needed.

Now look for a suitable wig you can use, she has short brown-auburn hair. I have chosen a suitable wig above for you in the style of a short bob which is perfect for this.

Velma Glasses

RETRO NERD Geek Oversized BLACK Framed Spring Temple Clear Lens Eye GlassesRETRO NERD Geek Oversized BLACK Framed Spring Temple Clear Lens Eye Glasses

For her freckles you can use an eye-liner pencil to dot some on either cheek. Next up you cannot forget her glasses which are typical nerd attire. Look for the thickest rim black glasses you can find and to avoid messing up your eyes pop out the lenses.

Now that you have all of the items all you need to do is put everything on and you are ready to trick or treat or cosplay. Friends and couples are welcome too, for couples the guy can go as Shaggy and for groups everyone can dress up as different members of the Mystery Incorporated gang.


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