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Angelica Rugrats Costume

Angelica is a character from Rugrats, an American animated television series from the nineties that ran for nine seasons. The show, which proved to be popular among kids, told the story of the daily life activities of a group of toddlers that would usually involve practical life experiences that end up being adventurous from a […]

Pickle Rick Costume

Rick and Morty is all I’ve been hearing about on social media, the third season has continued to grow the series’ popularity. If  you somehow don’t know Rick and Morty is an animated science fiction show that broadcast’s on Cartoon Network. From the off you can tell it takes elements from Back to the Future with […]

Hayley American Dad Costume

American Dad is an animated sit com by Seth McFarlane, who is also the creator of Family Guy. The series focuses on the Smith family which consists of: CIA Agent Stan, housewife Francine, their daughter Hayley, son Steve, the family’s talking goldfish named Klaus and Roger the cross dressing alien. Today’s post is going to […]