Category: TV Shows

Samurai Jack Costume

Samurai Jack is a cartoon I fondly remember watching as a child, as someone born in the 90’s I was able to watch it at its peak on Cartoon Network. The show follows the story of Jack, a mysterious samurai, who is sent to defeat a shape shifting demon called Aku before he conquers the […]

Helga Hey Arnold Costume

Helga Pataki is a young girl from the animated TV show Hey Arnold! She is quite bossy and will be seen bullying her schoolmates especially Arnold. Though she is soft and kind at heart, in front of Arnold she represents herself as a mean person because she doesn’t know how to express her feelings. If […]

Lana Kane Archer Costume

Lana Anthony Kane is a fictional character in the animated cartoon series Archer. Lana is very beautiful and wears short dresses with stylish black boots. Her colleagues however, make fun of her because of her big hands which are sometimes referred to as man hands’. In the film, she works for the International Secret Intelligence […]

Eliza Thornberry Costume

Eliza or Elizabeth Thornberry is a cute 12 year old tomboyish girl. Despite of the beauty and her cuteness, she is also popular for the geeky image. She has an extensive knowledge about zoology and always has the passion to know more. Her unconventional look with two braids, round glasses and braces makes her quite […]

Chuckie Rugrats Costume

Charles Finster or Chuckie as his friends call him is part of a cartoon show called Rugrats. He is an adorable and cute kid with red cool hair and funky purple glasses. He is the scaredy-cat of his group and is best friends with Tommy (another character from Rugrats). He’s scared from germs, cartoons or […]

Danny Phantom Costume

Looking for a Halloween costume idea? Why don’t you become a ghost hunter and bring down all who will be in ghost costumes this Halloween? Make a Danny Phantom costume and be like the 14-year old ghost buster. Who is Danny Phantom anyway? If you loved cartoons when you were younger than you must have […]

Jane Lane Costume

Many like to dress up in their favorite character from movies, comics, or video game for Halloween, parties, or cosplays. The cosplays (costume plays) have gained popularity as it gives all fans an opportunity to act like their favorite heroes. One of the favorite characters that teenage girls and women like to portray is Jane […]