Top Movie Costumes of 2014

With 2014 almost over (how quite has that come) I wanted to do a roundup of the top movie themed costumes for the year, this year has been HUGE for movies as is every other one however I think we have seen a movement in terms of what is popular.

Its interest that the top grossing films of 2014 are all, if you take a look at the list here, comic book based movies or superhero ones. Its seems like we have an obsession with this genre, just how the Avengers was topping lists a while back Guardians of the Galaxy based on a similar premise is doing the same so I can guess there will be more like those getting released.

Transformers-Age of Extinction

Transformers has been a popular theme for years, you’ll find some new additions to the costume line mainly in the form of new accessories rather than full costumes.


It seems anything starring Angelina Jolie will be a huge hit and this was no exception. For anyone who doesn’t know the premise for this is Sleeping Beauty but not from the view of the beauty but from the antagonist (Angelina).

Maleficent costumes are hot right now and will be for Halloween for sure, this is great for making it yourself for a cosplay convention as the design is quite complex such as the horns and staff but also great for buying premade too.

X-Men-Days of Future Past

What is it with the names of these things, why do they sound so dark and mysterious? Who coined ‘Days of Future Past’ sounds like marketing speech to me? While there may not be a lot in terms of new stuff as the characters have pretty much stayed the same, the usual characters outfits are still widely available.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America is always a popular theme for Halloween anyway but this movie will have made it even more so, people JUST love Marvel! As you can imagine the design is not exactly like the original but you can surely get away with an original that you’ve probably seen thousands of times before at cosplay or parties.

Amazing Spiderman 2

A sequel to another sequel, this is crazy that Spiderman’s popularity only seems to be increasing as the generations go on. Who would have thought it from a humble animation and comic book series to two different movie series.

The outfits the characters wears are generally the same as the first series although there has been slight modifications and of course there are some new villains too.

How to Train your Dragon 2

Children love anything remotely related to dragons so it is no suprise that this movie was back for round 2. This continues the tale of a young Dragon hunter who ends up becoming friends with the very thing he hunts.

The three most popular costumes inspired by this series are for Toothless, Astrid and the main character Hiccup. Sure enough you can find outfits for these characters, if not you can alter a viking costume and add some appropriate accessories to get the right look.


Another remake or retelling on the list retelling the original story of Godzilla. The creature is an amphibian reptile with dragon like qualities and so you can decide what type of outfit you get for it. There are some official Godzilla ones but you may also want a generic black dragon one.

Rio 2

Another sequel on the list here, in this case it is about another flying animal this time a bird named Rio. You can really tell by the outfits on sale that Rio is inspired by the vibrant colorful carnivals of Rio itself. You’ll find quite a few suitable colorful bird costumes for all ages.


It may seem weird to include a movie that was originally released in 2013 however it seemed as if Frozen dominated the first half of this year and the fandom and effects of it are still alive and kicking to this day. Frozen merchandise is flying off the shelves like nothing that’s ever been created before so people definetly haven’t got over the spellbinding muscial.

Anna and Elsa costumes are very easy to find, there are tons of them! I have seen a few Olaf and Kristoff ones however in most cases they are so expensive it wouldn’t even be worth it. For Olaf you can use a regular snowman costume which should do the trick and for Kristoff you can find something similar to Peter Pan and adapt it a little.

I know that was a long list to get through but I really wanted to touch on all of the top grossing films of 2014 and disect the options for each. This wasn’t a definitive list by any means and not something based on my opinion but on what grossed the most.

If you have any questions pop them below!


Updated: June 6, 2017 — 10:54 pm
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