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Cooking Mama Costume

Cooking Mama is a cooking simulator game on Nintendo platforms for both the DS handheld consoles and the Wii. The player has to prepare different meals by following the onscreen instructions and swiping/motioning when told. The game’s popularity prompted Nintendo to branch out to other niches such as gardening, crafting, camping and several others. Even […]

Princess Peach Costume

I enjoy writing series of articles on this website that are interlinked and this post is no exception and is the second part to the Mario Bros article. I believe Princess Peach deserves an article specifically for her because she is so popular especially for girls unlike the brothers. So today I’ll be showing you […]

The top 10 gaming cosplays

Gaming is something that is becoming a bigger part of people’s lives with more and more people adopting smartphones which means that gaming is literally at everyone’s fingertips.Designers spend months designing the models and mascots in games as each character has to look amazing and therefore they create perfect outfits for Halloween and the like. […]