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Agnes Despicable Me Costume

Despicable Me is a animated movie series by Illumination Entertainment, that has now had four separate instalments including the Minions spin off. It follows the adventures of super villain Gru who later reforms his ways as the adoptive father of Agnes, Edith and Margo. He also takes a couple of yellow minions under his wing, creatures who take great pleasure […]

Despicable Me Gru Costume

The minions are here to stay with three movies now under their belt their popularity has surged once again and I predict anything minions related will be hot come Halloween so parents you know what that means, stock up now or risk a massive temper tantrum come October 31st. Gru is one of the main […]

Scarlet Overkill Costume

scarlett overkill costume

The minions have delighted millions of movie goers all around the world in Despicable 1 and 2 whether it be in movie theatres or in the comfort of their own home on a DVD now that they are starring in their very own movie this year (2015). Welcome a new villain to your screens this year in […]

DIY Purple Minion Costume

Despicale Me was a surprise breakout hit by Illumination Entertainment when it was first released back in 2010. So successful in fact that it spawned a sequel and a third ‘Despicable Me 3’ planned for 2017. For the time being a spin off will hit theatres later this year (2015) based solely on the Minions. In […]

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