Shrek character costumes

The two most recent films in the series grossed over $700million at the box office which is nothing to sniff at especially for an animated movie franchise, at the time of writing Shrek 2 is the 6th highest grossing animated movie of all time (most recent addition was Frozen). As you can see by those two facts Shrek is extremely popular heck even my childhood was filled with watching movies 1 through 3 although I am a little old for 4 not that teens or adults cannot watch them.

The characters are also highly unique… OK you got me that could be said for pretty much any animated movie right? Well these characters are ogres which is a little out there. Fiona could also be portrayed as a princess which is probably more likely or an ogre, there is also a talking donkey where else do you get that in a movie?

3 main characters

I count these three as the main characters as I most fondly remember the first movie, the rest I didn’t enjoy as much even if they were still enjoyable. I remember donkey the most for his comedic qualities and Shrek because he was downright miserable. I will periodically update this article to include more characters and ideas.


This is the miserable ogre (at first) who doesn’t want companionship and would rather go solo but soon learns to accept friends through the form of Donkey and then his wife Fiona.

First off is the base of the costume, which is YOU! you need to paint your whole body or at least your face with the rest of your body covered up with green paint.

After that is the clothing which consists of some pretty ancient looking clothing but that will go to create the right effect, you’ll need a cream or white jumper that is quite long or a mini dress if you are a women and then a small brown belt or piece of string to give it some shape around the waist. To go over that you should wear a small furry jacket with no arms. Finally some furry brown boots wouldn’t go amiss.

“Ogres are like onions”


Fiona is cursed by a witch so that every sunset she transforms into an ugly ogre, she is so ashamed by that fact that she hides away at sunset so no one can see her before Shrek and Donkey find out the truth.

Fiona’s outfit is quite simple to replicate and you can paint yourself green or not the choice is yours to make. Other than the paint she also wears a long green dress all the way down to her feet which has a yellow ‘V’ shape at the waistline. Her hair is simply a long ponytail (a wig for those without long hair) with a golden crown on top.  Finally a nice pair of green shoes to finish everything off.


Donkey is voiced by Eddie Murphy probably because he does a good job of keep the character funny throughout the series and you often hear him say things that would come out of Eddie Murphy’s mouth in one of his comedies.

This is another costume where a simple onesie can go a long way, a grey onesie is what I would recommend you use as the base for this costume with some makeshift grey eyes, generally this costume is going to be unrecognizable as the Donkey from Shrek and people will probably just think you are a generic donkey UNLESS you either go as a group as the Shrek characters or you buy a funny mask which is of course a great reflection of Donkey’s personality.

Puss in Boots

Technically another main character although one that doesn’t appear in the first movie. He is such a popular character that they even created a spin off movie focused solely on him with a possible sequel in the works.

For this costume you should wear a large brimmed hat with a feather stick in the top of it , a black cape, black boots, different shades of orange colored clothing (perhaps a onesie that you adapt a little) and finally a belt to go around your clothing.

There we go for now, I will be updating this article as I said above with a lot more characters and ideas to get you going. Comment below with any suggestions, comments or queries.

Updated: June 4, 2017 — 12:47 am
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