Scott Pilgrim Costume

Are you a fan of Scott Pilgrim vs the World? I thought so! So today I’m showing how to put together a Scott Pilgrim costume. Scott Pilgrim started out as a series of graphic stories (sort of like a comic book) in several volumes by Brian O’Malley. As there is quite a lot of extended plotlines and different arcs in the six volumes some of it had to be cut out for the movie.

Scott is a band member and geek who is in a relationship with an obsessive girl called Knives. When he meets a girl called Ramona (a delivery girl from Amazon) he starts obsessing over her and thinking of her all the time.

The only problem is to be with her he must defeat her seven evil exes in battle, sounds surreal doesn’t it? As he is beating them one by one he is also taking part in a battle of the bands.

The movie may not have been a commercial/box office success when it first hit theatres however it has gained a strong cult following that often materializes itself at cosplay conventions and other geeky events.

Scott Pilgrim Wig

Costume Culture Men's Heartthrob Wig, Brown, One SizeCostume Culture Men’s Heartthrob Wig, Brown, One Size

First off is the hair which like most other geeks and slackers is quite messy and almost sloppy looking, you’ll need to find a wig with a nice light brown color that is short like a mop head and that can be styled a little to look a little scruffy such as the option I have chosen for you below.

Scott Pilgrim T Shirts

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Pixel Skull Adult Black with White Ringers T-shirt Tee (Adult Large)Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Pixel Skull Adult Black with White Ringers T-shirt Tee (Adult Large)Plumtree Scott Pilgrim Band Logo Gold T-shirt TeePlumtree Scott Pilgrim Band Logo Gold T-shirt Tee

The clothing is pretty simple with the t shirts you will be wearing based on something Scott is a fan of, most prominent in the movie and the t shirt you’ll likely want to wear is the Plumtree t shirt (the yellow one with red collar and arm parts), quite a lot of his shirts are available so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one you like to purchase.

Scott Pilgrim Wristbands

Striped Cotton Terry Cloth Moisture Wicking Wrist Band RED-WT One SizeStriped Cotton Terry Cloth Moisture Wicking Wrist Band RED-WT One SizeScott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie Wristband (Green & White)Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Movie Wristband (Green & White)

Don’t forget a key fashion device used by Scott… you guessed it, I’m on about the wristbands (I think the subtitle gave it away). These can be of any colour you like but some combos seen in the movie are green and white and red and white.
Blue denim jeans are all you need to wear in regards to trousers, which you probably own already.

There are also a tons of variations you can try such as using different colored wrist bands such as the red and yellow cotton one he wears alongside the red and yellow tee, wearing a different t shirt based on a different band or game he liked. Carrying a red guitar along with you wouldn’t be a bad idea.

My favorite character is Ramona so I already wrote a post about her costume, you could also pair up both of my tutorials and go as a couple which would be double the fun and show off just how much you love the film and actor. I also like the actor aka Micheal Cera and noticed that he played similar odd/slacker sort of characters in other movies and he is someone a lot of fans can relate too however remotely.

As a fan of the movie and hopefully in the future I might read the books (we’ll see) I hope you have found some value and guidance in these instructions and comment below if you have an suggestions or queries.

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