Recess costumes

When I was younger Recess was my favorite animated show on the Disney channel and writing about these characters is sure to bring back some good memories. To this day I have not forgotten each characters names and the various episodes and movies. There are also a TON of supporting characters, the ones that spring to mind are the Ashley group and Randall.

The show is of course all about the groups playtime (recess) as we call it in the UK and all of the crazy stuff that goes on during them. It’s amazing what this simple premise can deliver in terms of entertainment. We really get to see how the characters adapt and cope with the hierarchal structure of the teachers and students.

Make TJ Costume

Tj is the leader of the group and the prankster at that. He represents one of the key themes in the show which is freedom and rights even though they may be students they deserve to be treated equally, he often manages to get the group together to fight for these rights.

His costume is quite simple but also very eye catching and consists of his red cap (facing backwards of course) with a bit of his hair peeking through the gap in it, white t shirt green jacket, blue denim jeans and red and white shoes. The nearest thing to his shoes is red and white converse with the white being the tip part.

Make Mikey Outfit

Mikey is the large calm and peaceful one who is interested in letting out his feminine side through poetry and ballet, he is often portrayed as a big friendly giant but sometimes he does get angry/annoyed when people take advantage. This costume is the simplest of the lot and simply consists of a white shirt and brown pants (trousers), simple!


Gus is the timid one of the group who is always moving homes and hopes to set down roots in this new school, luckily he does and finds a group of friends that accept him and his little quirks.

His costume is quite simple all you will need to do is wear some dark green trousers with a belt around them, a light green short sleeved shirt, big rectangle glasses and spike your hair a little with some gel.


Gretchen is the geeky but socially awkward person in the group who operates as the brains and helps draw up plans to make playtimes fun.

You will of course need to wear geeky specs, for attention to detail you should go with octagon shaped ones with thin rims. A blue dress with a pink belt, and a white t shirt that should come out from under the dress are all you need for the top part and then black and white converse shoes and two pink bows for your hair are all you need to finish it off.

Make Ashley Spinelli Costume

Ashley Spinelli or simply Spinelli as she is better known by her friends is the tomboyish girl of the group, she can often do things on the spur of the moment without really thinking them through.

Just like the rest no sewing or complicated parts are necessary all you will need is items from a thrift store or your closet. For this outfit you will need an orange hat, grey leather jacket or similar, a long red top, red and orange multicolored leggings and some gray uggs.

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Vince full name Vincent is the popular sporty jock one out of the group who is often seen holding a basketball at Recess, he is also skilled in cookery and takes on being a chef in one of the episodes.

Finally Vince’s costume is another one that can be made from simple items of clothing you can purchase from the thrift store. This outfit is made up of a green basketball jersey (optionally find one with the number 1 on it), white and black shoes much like Gretchen’s and a yellow wristband he isn’t seen without.

Updated: September 12, 2017 — 6:16 pm