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Slender Man Costumes

The Slender Man or Slenderman (depending on who spells it) is a fictional character that was popularized through a popular internet ‘creepypasta’, which are basically horror legends created and passed around by people on the internet with the intent to scare or shock viewers/readers. Although the legend of Slender Man crosses several online forums there […]

Babadook Costume

The Babadook is a horror movie released in 2014 which is based on the short film called Monster from 2005. While it may not have gained critical or financial success straight away, once it was shown at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival is grew a cult and then international following resulting in a $7million profit over its […]

Statue of Liberty Costume

The Statue of Liberty is perhaps the most well known sculptures in the world and a famous landmark, a gift from the French to the Americans to represent freedom and welcome refugees entering the United States. The statue depicts a robed female figure hoisting a torch above her head supposed to represent the Roman goddess Libertas. […]

Ariana Grande Costume

Ariana Grande has gone from strength to strength over the eight years beginning her career starring as a Nickelodeon child actress in Victorious as Cat Valentine from 2009, and when the show ended after four successful seasons she was given her own spin off show (Sam & Cat) with iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy In 2013 she […]

Poison Ivy Costume

Poison Ivy is the main antagonist from the Batman series who made her first appearance all the way back in 1966. Her main area of expertise is in botany which is reflected in her superpowers and weapons of choice. Her superpower allows her to use her toxic bloodstream as a weapon, making her poison to the touch […]

2D Gorillaz Cosplay

Gorillaz is an English band created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett in 1998 that features four animated characters: 2D as main vocals, Murdoc as bass guitarist, Noodle as the guitarist, and Russell Hobbs as drums and percussion. In this post we’ll be focusing on 2D who as we said above is the band’s main […]