Slender Man Costumes

The Slender Man or Slenderman (depending on who spells it) is a fictional character that was popularized through a popular internet ‘creepypasta’, which are basically horror legends created and passed around by people on the internet with the intent to scare or shock viewers/readers. Although the legend of Slender Man crosses several online forums there […]

Cooking Mama Costume

Cooking Mama is a cooking simulator game on Nintendo platforms for both the DS handheld consoles and the Wii. The player has to prepare different meals by following the onscreen instructions and swiping/motioning when told. The game’s popularity prompted Nintendo to branch out to other niches such as gardening, crafting, camping and several others. Even […]

Samurai Jack Costume

Samurai Jack is a cartoon I fondly remember watching as a child, as someone born in the 90’s I was able to watch it at its peak on Cartoon Network. The show follows the story of Jack, a mysterious samurai, who is sent to defeat a shape shifting demon called Aku before he conquers the […]

Helga Hey Arnold Costume

Helga Pataki is a young girl from the animated TV show Hey Arnold! She is quite bossy and will be seen bullying her schoolmates especially Arnold. Though she is soft and kind at heart, in front of Arnold she represents herself as a mean person because she doesn’t know how to express her feelings. If […]