Slender Man Costumes

The Slender Man or Slenderman (depending on who spells it) is a fictional character that was popularized through a popular internet ‘creepypasta’, which are basically horror legends created and passed around by people on the internet with the intent to scare or shock viewers/readers. Although the legend of Slender Man crosses several online forums there […]

Cooking Mama Costume

Cooking Mama is a cooking simulator game on Nintendo platforms for both the DS handheld consoles and the Wii. The player has to prepare different meals by following the onscreen instructions and swiping/motioning when told. The game’s popularity prompted Nintendo to branch out to other niches such as gardening, crafting, camping and several others. Even […]

Samurai Jack Costume

Samurai Jack is a cartoon I fondly remember watching as a child, as someone born in the 90’s I was able to watch it at its peak on Cartoon Network. The show follows the story of Jack, a mysterious samurai, who is sent to defeat a shape shifting demon called Aku before he conquers the […]