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Yu Gi Oh cosplay

Yu Gi Oh was the first ever anime that I watched (the original series) and boy did I love it, I fondly remember waiting each week for the new episode on Nickelodeon it was torture to wait that long for each 30 minute episode that seemed to finish way too quick. I loved the characters […]

Misa Amane Cosplay

I wrote an article about some of the other characters in Death Note (L, Light and Ryuk) as I was just getting into the series and Misa hadn’t come up yet. After writing that article I decided to really sit down and finish watching Death Note. I am now addicted and almost finished watching it […]

Death Note Cosplay

Death Note is a brilliant manga/anime series to take inspiration from for cosplay conventions and Halloween especially since the series is quite Gothic and dark (both in the art and atmosphere). I am a huge fan of Death Note when I first started watching it the first day I watch tons of episodes back to […]