Live Succulent Plant Terrarium Necklace

Buddha's Temple Succulent Plant Terrarium Necklace

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea then look no further as this live succulent terrarium necklace is perfect for Mother’s Day or surprising a loved one for their birthday.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a plant that requires low maintenance, these are perfect as they need minimal upkeep and like bright lighting. Originating from South Africa, it is part of the is part of the Crassula species which are known to grow upward in stacks to form a temple like shape.

The succulent can live for up to three months without you doing anything but can be sustained for much longer if you wish by utilizing the small water holes at the bottom.

This would make the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life, for someone who wants a low maintenance plant or even to spoil yourself!

keep your plant alive for longer

Here you get a closer look at the little space you can drip water through with a moss media base that stores water and keep your succulent alive for longer. Furthermore if your plant begins to outgrow its container you can transfer it to a bigger pot (instructions included).

Your necklace also comes with a 27 inch stainless steel chain (no nickel) and a two week plant health warranty just in case you need it!

In conclusion: better than flowers!