How to Hang Christmas Wreaths on Windows

How to Hang Christmas Wreaths on Windows

Christmas is my second favorite time of the year after Halloween, but I cannot deny the charm and cheery atmosphere that makes the holidays super special.

The weather is turning cooler and the fallen Autumn leaves are beginning to be cleared away, that only means one thing – Christmas is fast approaching.

If you’re looking to add a festive wreath to your home decor this year then this guide on how to hang Christmas wreaths on windows is going to come in especially useful for you.

Finding or making a wreath that you like is enough work in the first place, let alone figuring out how to hang them safely. No need to worry, below we’re going to go over some of your best options!

Hanging wreaths is a pretty intuitive process on surfaces that have space to place hooks or tie the wreath around, however for windows the situation becomes rather perplexing.

Thankfully there are several different tricks you can utilize to make this look almost effortless – you’re going to get a lot of confused stares and questions but that’s part of the magic.

1. Magnetic Christmas Wreath Hanger

Depending on where your window is situated your arrangement is going to look slightly different. For example a window within your front door is going to need a different fixture than the windows in your living room.

The first solution is to use magnetic wreath holders. These are perfect where there are in door or easily accessible frame around the window which you can hang or tie your wreath. One thing to note about these are that many sets are only powerful enough to work on single pane glass.

2. Outdoor Large Window Hook

The next option is a window hook that will cause no damage to your glass windows. I like these Command window hooks as they are more discreet than the round magnets and so blend into the glass from distance. They are water resistant and made for the outdoors.

When considering a window hook be mindful of the size and weight of your chosen wreath so that it will fit safely onto your windows. Once you are finished with them you can peel off the hooks without damage or residue!

3. Suction Cups

The final solution for those who want a quick solution is to use suction cups. Once again there are many options available specifically for Christmas wreaths which is comforting. I especially like these large Holiday Joy suction cups that come with hooks, which can hold up to 7 lbs each.

This set is specifically designed for the outdoor weather and so will not turn yellow or be affected by heat or cold. One thing to note with this set is the suggestion temperature upon hanging is 40 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

Other Ideas

There are so many more ingenious ways that people have come up with to hang wreaths on windows, and I have to include them here for those who are unsure about the methods above.

  • Use fishing line to discreetly tie the top and bottom of your wreath into place.
  • Use TWO set of suction cups: a large set for the top and a small set for the bottom.

If you have windows that hing down from the top here’s a method you can try:

  • Tie a length of ribbon to the top of your wreath around the wire. Flip your wreath over, place a bow on the front or whatever decoration you prefer.
  • Now secure your wreath by the ribbon in the closed window frame and then securing your latch. You can tie a knot in the part of ribbon still inside the window to keep it extra secure.

TIP: Add felt to the back of your wreath so it doesn’t scratch your windows