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Undyne Undertale Cosplay

Undertale is an RPG video game about a fictional underground world filled with different monsters and beings. One such being is Undyne who presents as a blue and red, arrow bearing scaly sea creature. We’re having a little break for Steven Universe tutorials here on the blog but don’t worry they’ll be back before you know. […]

Frisk Undertale Cosplay

I’ve been meaning to add more Undertale themed tutorials to the blog for you guys as I’ve been hearing more and more about the game online and in forums. We’ve already covered the infamous Sans the skeleton’s outfit, so today we’ll be continuing with a Frisk Undertale cosplay guide. Perfect for groups at fancy dress parties, […]

Sans Undertale Cosplay

Undertale is an RPG video game created by indie developer Toby Fox released in late 2015 which quickly grew a dedicated cult following. You play a human moving through a fictional underground world interacting with magical monsters and creatures and changing the course of the game as you do so. Sans is one such creature […]

How To Make a Bowser Costume

DIY Bowser Costume

I’ve been meaning to write an article about Bower Super Mario Bros costumes for a while now but every time I check online retailers there’s nothing available except a few generic dinosaur outfits, recently however a lot of new official costumes have become available right in time for Halloween this year. Bowser is the main protagonist […]

Waluigi Costume

Looking to create your own gaming themed outfit for Halloween this year but don’t want to go with something that will be so popular everyone else will be wearing it? Why not go for a Waluigi costume this year. Like Luigi only with a Wa- at the beginning and with purple clothing instead of green. […]

Make a Mario Costume

Mario is the most recognizable gaming mascot from the last generation, up there with the likes of Sonic, Pacman and all the other greats of video gaming. Today I would like to show you how to make your very own Mario costume perfect for cosplay and Halloween. Mario was introduced to us way back in […]

Princess Peach Costume

I enjoy writing series of articles on this website that are interlinked and this post is no exception and is the second part to the Mario Bros article. I believe Princess Peach deserves an article specifically for her because she is so popular especially for girls unlike the brothers. So today I’ll be showing you […]

The top 10 gaming cosplays

Gaming is something that is becoming a bigger part of people’s lives with more and more people adopting smartphones which means that gaming is literally at everyone’s fingertips.Designers spend months designing the models and mascots in games as each character has to look amazing and therefore they create perfect outfits for Halloween and the like. […]