Fabric Christmas Advent Calendar

Fabric Christmas Advent Calendars-

The leaves are changing color and the weather is getting cooler, soon Christmas will be upon us and that means the search for advent calendars is on! One of the best experiences as a child is the opening of that first box on December 1st.

There are so many more variations than the regular wood and cardboard calendars your child is probably expecting. I have been on the look for some unique Christmas ideas through browsing both Amazon and Pinterest and have found some amazing fabric advent calendars.

What I love about these calendars compared to the usual wooden and cardboard ones we are used to seeing is that they take up less space, and they exude such a rustic feel. So without further ado let’s get into some of my favorite picks.

Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar

In the original spirit of Christmas, we have chosen this nativity advent calendar, which is one of the most popular choices on Amazon. It comes in at 24 by 18 inches, so take that into consideration in relation to the size of the wall you wish to hang it upon.

This is extremely child friendly as it is made with soft fabric and has large easily readable numbers. Your child can track the days until Christmas by placing the soft velcro figures into the corresponding dates.

Fabric Advent Calendar Garland

I just LOVE the idea behind this and how it would look displayed on a wall. This is by far my favorite design on Amazon created by the company OurWarm. Each bag can be fasten and undone easily using the red ribbon provided.

This fabric advent calendar garland comes with 24 fabric bags to track the remaining days until Christmas. You can hang this over your fireplace or on a large wall, putting a small gift or treat in each pocket. The ideas are endless for what you can do with these:

  • Place it on your mantle
  • Arrange in a Christmas tree pattern
  • Hang them on your window
  • Place across a counter front

Christmas Tree Fabric Advent Calendar 

Here is another excellent choice if you prefer the Christmas characters outside of the nativity. This advent calendar is designed to resemble a Christmas tree with characters ranging from a gingerbread man to an angel.

This one comes in at 16 by 24 inches and each individual figure is on a hook and loop fixture that allows easy access and movement. Highlighted as Amazon’s Choice this set has quality stitching and material that will last many years.

Personalized Fabric Advent Calendar

Last but by no means least is this Pockets of Learning Personalized Christmas Tree Advent Calendar. The reason I have picked this one out is because it works perfectly for a family advent calendar with the ability to add a custom name.

This also works well for children only as you can chose to add their name. This will likely get loads of use over the years which makes the fact you can move each pocket to any location you like and receive a replacement if you lose a piece encouraging.

I hope you enjoy looking through this selection as much as I enjoyed picking them out and discovering a new type of advent calendar in the process.

Keep in mind these are only my personal picks and there are many other options available on Amazon and other retailers for you to choose from. Take a look at a larger selection of fabric advent calendars.