DIY Betty Boop Costume

Betty Boop is one of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time; first appearing in the Talkartoor and her own Betty Boop movie series back in 1930. Since then she has been featured in numerous other television shows, movies and print media. You may also remember her from her cameo in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

She is often considered one of the first ‘sex symbols’ in animation with a small but pronounced bust, large fluttering eye lashes and flapper style hair and outfit.

So today we’ll be showing you how to put together a DIY Betty Boop costume from scratch. There are also a few pre-made options you may like.

Her iconic outfit features: a curly flapper wig, red dress, gold hooped earrings and bangle, we’ll also be walking you through how to do her makeup. So without further ado let’s get to it!

Betty Boop Wig

Forum Flapper Wig, Black, One SizeForum Flapper Wig, Black, One SizeBetty Boop WigBetty Boop Wig


The first thing is her hair which as stated above in inspired by 20’s flapper style. You could wear a black flapper style wig or pick up an official Betty Boop style wig if you prefer. Alternatively style your own hair if you prefer the do it yourself route.

Betty Boop Dress

Fun World Costumes Women's Betty Boop (Classic) Adult Costume, Red, MediumFun World Costumes Women’s Betty Boop (Classic) Adult Costume, Red, Medium


The next thing you’ll need is a red dress. This classic style outfit comes with mini dress, wig, earrings, bangles and garter. If you’re going the do it yourself route purchase a sequin red dress at your local thrift store for this section. Then just add makeup and a pair of sequin red heels to complete the look.

Sexy Betty Boop Costume

Betty Boop Starlet Costume - X-Small - Dress Size 2-6Betty Boop Starlet Costume – X-Small – Dress Size 2-6Betty Boop Costume - Medium - Dress Size 10-12Betty Boop Costume – Medium – Dress Size 10-12


As I mentioned Betty became known as the first ‘sex symbol’ on the animated screen and so you can represent that with a sexy costume. There are two options for you to chose from here: either a floor length gown with a slit along the side or a shorter style gown that shows off your legs. Check to see if the wig comes separately or not before buying and then add a pair of red heels and makeup to complete the look.

Rubies Betty BoopTM GarterRubies Betty BoopTM GarterBetty Boop Bracelet & Earrings SetBetty Boop Bracelet & Earrings Set


Don’t forget the accessories to add to your DIY costume such as leg garter and a pair of gold earrings and bangle bracelet.

Betty Boop Makeup

Makeup will help bring the whole outfit together and accentuate those eyes; here’s a quick video tutorial that’ll show you what to do with text instructions underneath for those who prefer to read.

  •  Start off with the eyebrows; we want thin expressive eyebrows, so fill your brows in and then line them with concealer to make them thinner. Start by taking a white shimmering eye shadow to open up your eyes then use a peach shadow to line your crease so you don’t look too washed out. Then take a grey and apply it into the crease to make your eyes look bigger. Lastly use a darker grey or black to deepen your socket even more.
  • For the eyeliner just create a short and thick curly cat-wing going up.  For the lashes take two pairs and stack them on top of each other for added  emphasis and then apply your regular mascara. Next take white eyeliner and line your lash line as we’ll be creating a new lower lash line.
  • Take black and draw right under the white eye liner, make sure you blend this out with your finger so it doesn’t appear too harsh. Now add white eyeliner into the inner corners and grey to the outer corners of your eyes to make them appear further apart. After that apply a pair of bottom lashes and add mascara to them if they don’t stand out already. The artist recommends you add a pair of large green circle lenses.
  • Contour your nose to make it appear smaller then apply pale concealer to the rest of your face and set it with translucent powder. Apply a pale pink blush slighter higher than you would normally. Next onto the lips. Outline the line shape overdrawing a small cupids bow and then bring that down to your natural lip line, and fill with bright red lipstick. Then take a darker lipstick and apply that to the edges going back over it with the lighter shade in the centre to make your lips appear bigger. Apply highlighter to the center of your newly drawn cupids bow and bottom lip then apply a lip gloss over it all and the look is complete.

You’ll soon be transformed into one of the most memorable cartoon characters of all time, you’ll have endless requests for selfies at whatever event you attend. Now before you leave be sure to check out the rest of our tutorials on the blog or follow us on social media for updates when we post new tutorials.

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