Debbie Thornberry Costume

Debbie Thornberry CostumeIf you are a 90’s kid then you’ll be familiar with the series The Wild Thornberrys which aired from 1998 to 2004 over five seasons. It focused on the adventures of a nomadic family who were famous wildlife experts with the main focus being on the family’s daughter Eliza who had a secret ability to communicate with animals.

Most episodes showed her along with her pet monkey travelling around the jungle and encountering different types of animals and learning about them, with plenty of lessons about life thrown into the mix.

Debbie is Eliza’s younger sister and the only one who knows about her sister’s secret ability. She is sworn to secrecy lest she be turned into a baboon. Debbie is still a very popular choice for cosplay to this day thanks to her unique sense of style, so in today’s post we’re going to be showing you how to put together your own Debbie Thornberry costume. Despite the series ending almost fifteen years ago at the time of writing the characters are still well known so your cosplay be easily recognized.

Debbie Thornberry Wig

MapofBeauty 32MapofBeauty 32

Let’s start from the top and work our way down, Debbie’s outfit is fairly simply to put together and many of these items you’ll likely already own. The first thing you’ll need is a long blond wig to emulate Debbie’s long curly hair. If your hair is already this way you can skip to the next section.

I couldn’t find an exact replica wig on Amazon although this one is close with curly texture and bangs that go across the forehead which you can use to cover one eye like Debbie does. Or check out your local costume stores for a similar wig.

Debbie Thornberry Shirt

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Now let’s move onto the outfit itself which consists of a green plaid shirt and an orange crop top. Both of these items are available at Amazon although you can check out your local thrift stores to pick them up for a few dollars each.

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Then add a pair of distressed denim jeans much like the ones we see Debbie wear in the series. To be as accurate as possible wear a pair of grey shoes. To add even more detail you can wear some purple lipstick and winged liner to finish off the look although it isn’t compulsory.

What we love about Debbie`s looks is it’s very easy to put together with just a few key elements, bar the wig you probably already have these items in your closet. This would make the perfect group cosplay/fancy dress idea too, bring along a group of friends dressed as the other Wild Thornberry characters such as Eliza or Marianne. Before you go don’t forget to follow us on social media for updates on new tutorials and check out the blog for more guides.

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