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daphne costume

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If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you will know I like to work in themes, so as I posted a costume tutorial for Velma from Scooby yesterday, today I will write a tutorial for a Daphne Scooby Doo costume which will include everything you need: wig, dress, headband, scarf, makeup and boots.

As you can see by the above reference image the main colour scheme we are working on is pink and purple with the green scarf as a nice accent.

These two girls (and their outfits) couldn’t be more different if they tried, Velma is the awkwardly nerdy one with typical thick rimmed glasses and no fashion sense. Daphne is the sweet ditzy one (as portrayed in the live action movie) that Velma doesn’t think she can compare to.

What I like is that as the series progresses we also see Daphne grow as a person, where as before she was danger prone (part of her nickname ‘Danger Prone Daphne’) she grows to become more independent and can look after herself without being a damsel in distress as before. 

Daphne Scooby Doo Dress

Adult Daphne CostumeAdult Daphne CostumeAphratti Women's Long Sleeve Casual Slim Fit Crew Neck Dress Large PurpleAphratti Women’s Long Sleeve Casual Slim Fit Crew Neck Dress Large Purple

The first item we shall work on is her dress and as you would know if you watch the show it has a stripe of lighter shade along the middle, this is going to be hard to recreate. Forget the strip in the middle, it won’t matter just find a flowing dress.

You can search thrift/charity store for something suitable. Instead of creating the strip use a lighter shade skinny belt instead across your waist for the same effect. Above is both the dress you can use above if you want to start the outfit from scratch alternatively there is also a ready made costume you can choose too that will make life easier for you.

Daphne Scooby Doo Wig

Rubie's Costume Long Glamour Wig, Orange, One SizeRubie’s Costume Long Glamour Wig, Orange, One Size1 Inch Wide Funny Girl Designs Satin Headband (Lavender)1 Inch Wide Funny Girl Designs Satin Headband (Lavender)

Now let’s work on the hair and face, Daphne is known for her ginger hair and chances are you do not share the same colour so you’ll need a wig. Once you have found a suitable wig or have dyed your hair now is time to put a purple headband in (to match the dress). This can probably found at your local dollar store or similar. Or you can check out the wig and headband combo we’ve picked out above.

Daphne Scooby Doo Scarf

Pure Color Silk Feel Scarves Clothing Accessories Square Scarf Fashion GreenPure Color Silk Feel Scarves Clothing Accessories Square Scarf Fashion GreenMOOCHI Women 80 Denier Semi Opaque Tights (Purple), one sizeMOOCHI Women 80 Denier Semi Opaque Tights (Purple), one size

Along with the dress you’ll need pink tights. While the above reference image does show the tights as does the cartoon some other images do not so choose which ever style you prefer. If you do not already have a pair I have put some above for you in a ballet style.

The final accessory is of course the green scarf, something like this could be found at the thrift store again. I have seen it done with either a light or dark scarf it really doesn’t matter. Here is one I have chosen for you, I chose this one specifically because the first option that comes up via Amazon looks a little cheap and flimsy, this looks a little better.

Makeup is the next item on our list and while the cartoon doesn’t show a lot of makeup we can see some on the live action movie actress. Nothing major but apply some pink lipstick, blue eye shadow and mascara to enhance your eyebrows.

Ellie Shoes Women's GOGO 3Ellie Shoes Women’s GOGO 3

Next it’s time to consider footwear, Daphne wears her purple flat or boots but for a sexier look try high heels. I have even seen someone on Pinterest (great site for ideas) using duct tape over tube socks and a ballet shoe to create this boot, crazy right. There you have it, all of the separate items you will need to build this outfit. Happy costuming!


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