Cute Christmas Bathroom Decor Ideas

It’s that time of year again: the fallen leaves have been cleared up, the weather is turning frosty and stores are already playing festive music. It’s time to start thinking of Christmas decor!

The bathroom isn’t the first place you’d think to decorate for Christmas, however this is one of my favorite holiday themes. I am endlessly amazed by the ideas that I see online from different craft bloggers and interior design enthusiasts.

You can create amazing holiday decor with very little, it’s about using what you got and mixing it with some out of the box thinking. Below I have selected some of my favorite ideas that you can use for inspiration.

Snowman In a Tub

Debbie Dabble

I just had to include this snowman in the bathtub photo that I found while looking for fun Christmas blogs. Just look at this! This may not be the most practical idea (don’t plan on having a bath anytime soon) but it sure is dang cute.

Santa Claus Toilet Seat Cover

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If you’re looking to purchase something you can put into your bathroom straight away then you’re going to love this Santa Claus toilet seat cover that comes with a tank cover and tissue box. What I like best about is the 3D nose.

Rustic Green Holiday Bathroom


I love how minimalist this Christmas bathroom but is with a rustic twist. There is just enough holiday decor to make the theme obvious without becoming overwhelming and overdoing it.

Red Christmas Wreath In Bathroom


Here is another example of how to display Christmas wreaths in the bathroom – this time above a toilet. This is a great way to place a wreath in your bathroom when you have limited space.

Check out the great selection of miniature Christmas wreaths that will help save space and look super cute too.

Candy Cane Bathroom Decor

City Farm House

Christmas Printed Bath Towels

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Hanging a set of Christmas themed bath towels is one of the easiest ways to ‘decorate’ the bathroom and quickly give it that holiday feel. You can use these year after year and they work well as gift too!

Above Toilet Shelving Christmas Decor

Instragram: @simply_sweet_designs

Another creative use of space from the Instagrammer simply sweet designs. I love how the Christmas themed sign is placed in between two miniature Christmas trees – simple but effective. You can check out this selection of Christmas trees in burlap sacks to recreate something similar in your own bathroom.

Vintage Sleigh Bathroom Shelf

Funky Junk

The people at funky junk interiors went above and beyond with this beautiful bathroom shelf created out of an old snow sleigh. A great way to create space in your bathroom and add a jovial touch.

Hopefully this can give you some inspiration on what to do with old items you have laying around that can be reused for the holidays. Check out thrift stores and online auction sites for affordable prices on vintage items like this.

Red Retro Style Car Christmas Shower Curtain

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Add a unique touch to your bathroom with this holiday themed shower curtain. It depicts a vintage style red car pulling a Christmas tree along in the snow with the words “Merry Christmas” printed underneath.

Red and White Christmas Bathroom

Golden Boys and Me

I love how this blogger decorated their bathroom as well their overall holiday home decor which was very consistent throughout! You can see there is a lot of white decor here with splashes of red holiday decor that really contrast well. I especially like the use of the “Merry & Bright” bath rug to tie everything together.

What is your favorite idea from this selection? What personal spin will you put on these?