5 tips for choosing the perfect Halloween costume

how to choose the perfect costumeWhat’s worse than realizing it is almost Halloween and not having chosen a costume to wear yet? Obviously that is is a rhetorical questions because the answer is nothing 🙂 Only kidding, however it is still quite inconvenient and annoying especially when you want to stand out at a party and everyone else has already chosen theirs.

Don’t stress, I’m going to list a few simple ideas below that will help get you get out of the rut. Even reading this article should conjuring up a few ideas that were laying dormant in your mind as our brain has a weird way of doing things.

Tip 1: Favorite shows and movies

You favorite shows and movies will serve as brilliant inspiration for what to wear for this holiday season, sure there are tons of shows that EVERYONE is watching (Game of Thrones) but it is also fun to chose an outfit to recreate from a show that is a little more obscure so you can be unique, you wouldn’t want to turn up to a party and realize there is already five other Daenerys!

Movies are also important, many Halloween themed movies are realised around that time as so if you want to be on trend me sure to check out some movie listings.

Tip 2: Go with the obvious

If you are really scratching your head deciding then you could just chose a regular well known theme such as a ghost or a vampire. I chose those two as example as they are so easy to pull off aswell, who doesn’t have a spare sheet laying around or some white makeup they can throw on.

Pair going with the obvious with going with the easiest, just like the sheet example above you could go as a character from the Big Bang Theory as they wear normal clothes or as a caveman.

Tip 3: Look online for inspiration

There’s a chance you are reading this on your smartphone, if so you can also check for ideas online. Pinterest is an amazing place for searching for ideas simply type ‘costumes’ into the search field and you’ll find tons of things to get your mind racing and creative juices flowing.

Google Images comes second as the stuff you find through it won’t be nearly as creative and obscure as Pinterest, however it is still a valuable resource for idea gathering.

Tip 4: Youtubers

I know I listed look on line above but YouTube is a totally different world I really wanted to add it on its own, it is especially useful for checking out makeup and face paint tutorials. I know some people will instantly tune out at the ideas of face paint but give me a second.

photo credit: psyberartist

photo credit: psyberartist

I bet this picture got your attention eh! This is the new thing for Halloween makeup, unzipped designs. This is one of the most open ones as normally they are just a little open at the eyes. YouTube is the best place to learn how to do this.

A cool person to check out is Promise Phan,she creates videos where she recreates herself as different people and characters using makeup for example Elsa from Frozen.

Tip 5: Cop out

I do not mean wear your ordinary clothes if that what you are thinking I mean wear something that is something you’d wear if you couldn’t find a costume for example a ‘404 error, cannot find a costume’ outfit if you get my drift or a shirt that says ‘couldn’t find anything to wear so I wore this’.

If these ideas don’t help then I do not know what will! Either way I hope you have fun with your Halloween celebrations.

Updated: October 8, 2014 — 12:28 pm