10 Fancy Dress Ideas for Someone With Glasses

When Halloween is around the corner or a cosplay convention is dangerously close and you still haven’t decided what to wear and you happen to wear spectacles these ideas should help you.

Don’t see having glasses as a bad thing, take advantage of them and incorporate them into your outfit! While I am a little biased as I used to wear glasses myself at one point, no doubt these will be fun. I do like geeks a bit too much but I’ve tried to mix the ideas up a bit below.

1.You’re a Wizard Harry

Harry Potter is the ultimate movie character, whether you’ve seen the movies or read the books the image of a small bespectacled boy nervously waiting at Platform Nine and Three Quarters will always be in your mind and if you haven’t read or watched the movies then the likelihood is you still know what Harry looks like and so you could go as him anyway.

By the way the quote is something Hagrid says, one of the first things he says when Harry finally finds out who his parents really were.

2.Mrs Doubtfire

Robin Williams was a wonderful actor and so his movies will live on, they are timeless as are the characters he played. One of my favorites of his is Mrs Doubtfire and she just happens to wear thin rimmed glasses. The great thing is either a man or a woman can dress as her and the costume will still make sense.

3.Moss IT crowd

I wasn’t a big watcher of the IT Crowd but I do get compared a lot to Moss from the show because I am quite geeky although probably not to the extreme he is nevertheless for any geek this makes a great outfit with trademark thick rimmed black glasses and stereotypical nerd attire.

4.Amy Farrah Fowler or Leonard Hofstadter

For fans of the Big Bang Theory you are in luck as you have quite a few main and minor characters to choose from you could dress up as. The two main ones are Amy and Leonard. Amy (see the full tutorial for her) is perfect for a girl nerd idea even if she gets progressively ‘normal’ as the series goes on.

5.Walter White

Walter White is the highly popular character from the hit Breaking Bad series, no doubt you’ve heard about this character and the success of the show, it’s even been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the highest rated show ever. While the finale has already aired you can still relive and celebrate the memory of this show.


I really liked Scooby Doo as a child and even now I love watching the live action movies that regularly air on weekend television, the characters are what make the movie for me.

My inner nerd can relate to Velma (see the full tutorial for her outfit) in a lot of ways and in one point in the movie she tries to dress a certain way and be something she’s not but she realize that just isn’t her.


Daria was a show I watched as a child aswell and had very fond memories associated it, but I hadn’t watched it in so long and didn’t even know what it was called until I saw it showing on VIVA and instantly recognized what show it was: Daria!


Milhouse is a character from the Simpsons (one of the longest running tv shows) and Bart’s friend. He is known for being a coward and his blue hair and red specs. This shouldn’t be too hard to recreate, with a blue wig, red specs, orange shorts and a purple tee you’ll be well on your way to looking identical to him with a final touch of yellow body paint (here’s the full tutorial). If you don’t fancy going as Milhouse how about another Simpsons character like Flanders.

9.Where’s Waldo

In the UK we know him as Where’s Wally but Waldo is fine too 🙂 As I’m sure you’re familiar with Waldo comes from a series of books where on each page is a drawing with loads of different people and elements in it and the aim of the reader is to find Waldo. He happens to stand out just a little with his red and white stripped top and hat although he’s still a pain to locate.

10. Old man from UP

Up is such a spellbinding adventure movie from Disney and a lot of people are blown away by it, my favorite scene being the time lapse one right at the beginning. People have taken to the old man’s character extremely well and it is super popular for occasions like Halloween although other fancy dress parties are fine too.

Going through these ideas I realize quite a lot of them could be done with a few items from either your existing closet or a rummage in the thrift store, the best way to keep things simple is to take sewing out of the equation.

While this is not an exhaustive list I will be adding to it more over time as the site grows and I add more tutorials but for now if you have any suggestions for me to add pop them in the comment box below.

Updated: September 16, 2017 — 4:26 pm